TopicTo Fix HTTP Error 502!

  • Sun 22nd Nov 2020 - 5:22am

    Have you ever come across a situation when your website displays a message saying there is a 502 Bad Gateway Error, HTTP error 502 or any other errors on your website? If yes then you must have an idea how frustrating the situation can get. Trying to fix this error can be very much similar to finding a solution to a thing without having any information about its cause. By now your mind must have started flooding with questions like what is error 502 bad gateway or how it can be fixed etc. Here is the answer. 

    Error 502 bad gateway is a generic error that indicates that the problem lies in the communication with the web server. The error message does not give any hint about the root cause of the problem. When this error occurs on a website an error message appears on the screen.

    There are many reasons that cause this error. There is a chance that the server has some extra load. Another possible cause is the presence of some network issues between the two servers. If this is the case then this error is a temporary one. At times an improperly configured firewall can cause this error. And if there is a coding error then also the chances are high for this error occurrence. There are a few different solutions to the problem. It totally depends on the reason for the error occurrence which solution you should go with.

    At this point you must have got a clear understanding of a lot of different things. But at the same time you must be having a lot of questions in mind about this. If this is the case then you should consider taking some expert help from WordPress professionals. Do not worry if you are confused where to get help from. All you have to do is , give us a call. We are available 24x7 on 1-888-3O8-852O. Visit:

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