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    What is Webroot Login? is an advanced level security software that provides complete protection to both consumer and business devices. It is an efficient antivirus that focuses on removing viruses, malware and other online threats by regularly checking your device. With the help of Webroot antivirus, you can also protect your device from fraudulent websites and prevents downloading from untrusted websites. For using various features of Webroot antivirus, you must have a Webroot account and webroot software installed on your device. For that, go through the process of account creation and Webroot login followed by downloading and installation of the software. After that, you can provide a shield to your device with the Webroot antivirus. 

    Webroot Account

    Webroot account could be a portal where you'll be able to read and manage the safety standing of your device. Your webroot account is required for managing the safety across multiple devices from one location. Also, with the assistance of one Webroot account, you'll be able to build purchases, review your subscription, backup your information, access varied Webroot files, add devices and users, and far a lot of. Hence, account creation and Webroot login area unit 2 important processes for victimisation the final word protection by Webroot software package.

    How to Create a Webroot Account?

    For creating a Webroot account, you must have a product keycode. You will get this keycode when you purchase the Webroot products. You can buy the Webroot Antivirus from the official website or from a retail shop or third party. After the purchase of the product, you will get the Webroot product keycode, which you will use at the time of account creation.  Along with this, make sure that you have an active internet connection. Then, you can start with the below-given process for creating your Webroot account.

    Firstly, open a web browser.

    Then, visit the official website of Webroot. For this type “” in the address bar.

    In the next window, locate and click the “My Account” option. You will get this option on the upper-right corner of the Webroot homepage.

    This will take you to the Webroot login page.

    Then, click the “Create Account” tab.

    Now, fill all the fields with the relevant information. The following information is required to be filled in their respective fields.

    Webroot Product Keycode: Enter the product keycode that you received at the time of purchase. You will find this code, either in the confirmation mail or at the back of the product box, depending on the mode of the purchase.

    Email Address: Enter a valid email address which you want to link with your Webroot account. This email address will further be used as the username for logging into your Webroot account. 

    Repeat Email Address: Re-enter the email address that you have provided in the previous field.

    Password: Now, you are required to create a strong, unique and secure password.

    The password that you create must have a minimum of 9 characters, where 6 should be alphabetic characters and 3 numeric characters. It can also include special characters (excluding < >).  While creating the password, make sure that the strength bar must show green color and show the password as “Strong”.

    Repeat Password: In the next field, retype your password for confirmation.

    Your Personal Security Code: Now, you will be asked to enter the personal security code for extra safety of your Webroot account.

    This code can be a word or number with a minimum of 6 characters. Webroot might ask you to enter two characters of the code while you try logging into your Webroot account.

    Security Question: Now, select any of the security question from the drop-down menu. You will need this question for retrieving the information when you forgot your Webroot login credentials.

    Security Answer: Provide an easy to remember answer for the question that you have selected in the previous field.

    After filling all the information, Webroot suggest you to read the policy documents. This will help in avoiding future complications.

    For reading the documents, click “Privacy Statement”, “Webroot terms of service”, and “License Agreement” links respectively from the bottom of the screen. Read the documents carefully and move further with the next step.

    Finally, click the “Register Now” tab.

    Now, you will get a verification mail on the registered email address.

    Open the mail you have received.

    Click the link provided in the mail.

    If prompted, then enter the two characters of the security code which you have created above. Then, click the “Confirm Registration Now” button.  This will successfully verify your Webroot account.

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