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    Are you looking for the latest cloud technology? Well, safepots is here. A smart cloud solution, created with the combination of new generation technologies of cognitive intelligence such as Artificial Intelligence and others. From its capabilities of data protection expertise to maintaining immense bulks of information and data are praiseworthy. Along with reliable cloud storage and cloud back services, safepots also gives applications that enhance your work efficiency.

    Safepots insightful cloud computing services provide data protection with Military-grade encryptions and the same technology that the U.S. government practices. It not only sorts out all the available resources in a more categorized way but also makes frequently occurring process automated. Safepots works on the world famous and the fifth time named the leader of the IaaS Amazon’s AWS cloud.

    Safepots innovative cloud features can take a backup from all your devices and even from the services that you use such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Safepots uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that converts all the scanned documents into searchable data to help you locate a file using the contents it holds rather than just by its name and A.I. Photo detection technology to search images on the basis of its quality, camera type, location, date, size, length of footage for videos and even by the dominating color of the picture. You can also search for an image by things in the pictures such as flowers, glasses, baby, etc. Safepots has size and category filters to make any file search more quick and easy. Safepots support 22 languages to help you search your content.

    Safepots presents amazing features to perform administrative services smartly for your Business. Safepots allows you to execute specific configurations for users and computers and adds users by pushing sign-up credentials, set storage limits and backup policies as your business requires. Manage and keep eyes on your users’ activities at any time. Track all their actions with transparency. Scalable storage packages to suit any business requirement. Take your business from Terabytes to Petabytes with safepots.

    Safepots allows you to have your loads of data in a mobile app and take access to your files, take the backup and be productive from anywhere just by using your mobile or tablet. Perform any administrative task from you’re a mobile app after logging into web-console from your phone and tablets. Search any file you desire quickly from the enormous stock of data through our filters in our app.

    Unite with us to learn more information about safepots and all its features in details. Learn how Safepots give better cloud protection to your data and how our cloud technology is smarter with features that no other cloud has in the market yet. Connect with our community blog for more cloud information on cloud and answers of cloud queries that people have before adopting a cloud or understanding cloud technology.

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