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Tue 3rd Feb 2015 - 5:46pm : General : Gaming


If you've followed CS gaming from the start, then you can attest to the lack of canine support from the community. ESP is now the first team to add a canine to their CS team lineup! The 150 pound Alaskan Malamute, Yukon, will now be taking the reign as ESP's very own entry fragger.

When asked about this opportunity, the doggy did not have much to say but he was clearly appreciative of the doggy treats he received as reward for each kill he made. Other teams have voiced their concerns and opinions as well. Max "Bayko" Brutus shared his thoughts with ESP, "if they decide to bring this dog to LAN then there's no telling how intimidated all the other teams will be. This could be huge for gaming. Imagine attending an esports event and half the attendees are canines; whether they be attendees, players, or even journalists from the canine world!"

ESP has taken the first step in globalizing the esports phenomenon. Time will tell whether or not this dog will end up being a star but it seems like he is enjoying his new position on the team without any regrets! Share your thoughts in the comments below.



Brandon McGaha

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